{Room Reveal} Kitchen Refresh

It’s time to show you what I’ve been cooking up in my kitchen! And no, it’s not food. I’m too lazy to go to the grocery store so I eat out at one of the 5 million restaurants within a mile of my house every day. (Please send all hate mail through the submission form on this website.)

Just to refresh your memory, here’s my kitchen when I moved in:


Then I painted the walls with black chalkboard paint, removed the cabinet doors and painted the insides mint green, and covered the fridge in graphic contact paper:



But then I changed things up again!

Photo Credit: Razan Altiraifi

Notice anything different about the backsplash and fridge? It’s WALLPAPER. Not just any wallpaper, but REMOVABLE wallpaper — because I am a renter, you recall. I decided last June to sell just about everything I own and change every room in my apartment… Even the kitchen. Although I liked my kitchen the way it was, a promise is a promise, so I switched some things up. Now I love it even more.

Using two different patterns of Tempaper removable wallpaper, I recovered my fridge and added a faux backsplash. I LOVE IT. I’m pretty DIY challenged and even I couldn’t mess it up.

Photo Credit: Razan Altiraifi
Photo Credit: Razan Altiraifi

First, the backsplash. I wanted a bit of shine in the kitchen, and I also wanted to give the appearance of tile, so I selected Tempaper’s Medallion pattern in Platinum and cut it to fit between the counter top and upper cabinets. It’s pretty fabulous and just what I was looking for!

Then I tackled the fridge. First, I peeled off all the contact paper I applied a couple years ago. Then, learning from my mistakes last time, I removed the gross brown handles from the doors. I’ll save those to replace when I move out someday… Assuming the new tenant likes ugly things and wants the handles back on. (There are all kinds of people in this world.) For the fridge I chose Tempaper’s L’Amour pattern in black and white.

Photo Credit: Razan Altiraifi
Photo Credit: Razan Altiraifi

Isn’t. It. Just. EVERYTHING?! And this wallpaper was SO much easier to use than contact paper because you can reposition it if you accidentally place it in the wrong spot. Not only that, but the pattern is made to line up (unlike contact paper). I couldn’t possibly recommend it more. Seriously. Their patterns range from classic to edgy and the colors are fabulous. And, if you’ve ever worked with me as a client, you know that using Eco-friendly products is VERY important to me. Tempaper products are VOC-free, lead-free, phthalate-free, and generally ridiculously environmentally conscious. Bravo, Tempaper. Bravo, indeed.

So what do you think? Still kept my black, white, and mint color palette (and the chalkboard paint, of course) but changed just enough to make the room a wee bit different.

This whole thing only took me 2 hours, a measuring tape, and an exact-o knife.. That’s it! So grab a friend, order yourself some Tempaper, and get busy, darlings! You’re only an afternoon away from a whole new look.

Photo Credit: Razan Altiraifi
Photo Credit: Razan Altiraifi

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8 thoughts on “{Room Reveal} Kitchen Refresh

  1. artfulattempt says:

    I’m amazed that this is a rental! And I love that you made the open shelves – it makes the room seem so much bigger! Great work, I’m going to have to think about that removable wallpaper in my own rental.

  2. Liz says:

    Love the way this kitchen looks! I love to cook and have been doing it for years, but this kitchen would be such fun to be in it would take any hesitation whatsoever–you know–I got home late and I’m too tired and it’s too much work–sort of thing.
    One question, though: how hard is it to remove the wallpaper if it’s been on for a while? You know how contact paper sort of melds with the surface it’s applied to, especially after a lot of hot and humid weather…same potential problem here? Would hate to be scraping and steaming to get it off.

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