I have officially lost my mind.

OK, everyone. Sound the alarm. I am officially a complete lunatic.

If you follow me on Facebook (and you should, because I update that most often with lots of fun things), then you probably already know what I’ve done. It was impulsive. It was dramatic. It was downright in-SANE.

I sold every piece of furniture I own on Craigslist.


I know, gurl. I know.

Thanks to the infinitely fabulous Jura Koncius at The Washington Post (who was the very first person to decide that this type of ridiculous enthusiasm for DIY design might be fun to talk about), my wee little dwell-space has been featured in newspapers, magazines, and blogs all over the world. So naturally, I have decided to make my life difficult for no reason. I simply woke up one day and thought, “What if I sold everything I own and completely redesigned my apartment to look like an entirely different space?”

Well, what if I did? And so I did. I listed every single item of furniture in my home that I didn’t feel I could repurpose or redesign well enough to warrant keeping it around. And in only 6 days — SIX DAYS, YOU GUYS — everything… And I mean EVERYTHING… Was GONE.

I can tell you don’t believe me. I have proof.



Told you.

Because I can’t really handle living in an empty apartment, I’ve already gotten busy procuring new pieces. Here’s the plan:


In the living room I decided to keep the bookcases (I’m not a total lost cause, guys) and cowhide rug. I’m also keeping the small dresser under the TV (for now?) and the little bar cabinet, because those can quickly and easily be painted to look totally different. I also found those UHMAYZING antique bergère chairs from a vendor in Florida (more on that in a future post) in front of the fireplace, which I plan to have reupholstered in white leather and gray ikat fabric. OMG I’M DYING JUST THINKING ABOUT IT. Where the mint campaign hutch used to be, I’ll put a dark antique wood secretary desk. You know, because I’m so practical. I also found a couple of adorable antique Victorian chairs I’ll pull over to my dining table once a year when someone eats at it. The dining table I will have custom made to be extra awesome. (More on that later, too.) And I’m 99% certain my new sofa will be PINK VELVET OMG I DIE. And on the wall behind the dining table I will have an incredible yet-to-be-sourced floor mirror that’s comically oversized. Marie Antoinette would be so proud.

Here’s my inspiration photo:


My new palette will be more like my dressing room: pink, black, and white/cream, with bits of grays and mint mixed in.

Which leads me to the bedroom. This is where I really go nutz.


I decided that I’m going to downgrade to a queen bed. (I know: Crazytown.) But I want more space to play around with and the king bed, as luxurious as it was, just took up too much space. I’m keeping the little painted nightstand and the desk I use as a vanity, and I’ll paint them so they look like new pieces. I’m also keeping the little wood cabinet because it’s a family piece. BUT THEN… I’m going to cover the center window with an eight-foot-tall upholstered headboard I will inevitably fail at trying to make myself. That’s right… I’m going to pretend that window doesn’t even exist and make you forget about it, too. And it’s probably going to be white leather, because I’m fancy. (Don’t worry. I’ll do a really great blog post chronicling my epic failure.) And I’ll put a cool bench at the end of the bed, simply because I can.

And, of course, I will obviously be painting my living room and bedroom. Because that’s not a total waste of my time. (Yes, it is.)

So, that’s the plan, guys. And I’m going to do it by spending virtually no money and in very little time, because I set my personal bar a little too high — mostly just to torture myself.

If you’d like to follow along in my obsessive pinning of decor for my home, please join me on Pinterest! Otherwise, check back on the blog for updates on my upcoming failures.

And, as always, thank you so very much for sharing me with all your friends!



11 thoughts on “I have officially lost my mind.

  1. charlene says:

    Incredibly jealous. …I want a pink sofa but considering I have 2 teenaged males currently perched on mine. …my desire might need to wait. ….I know your ‘new’ place will be devine!

  2. Jaye says:

    Hi I agree with you ; you have totally lost your mind. (smile) What did the Scientist think /or say about your pulling up “our” adorable apartment. I hope i will like the change(oops!! smile)

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