{Inspiration Friday} Hidden Doors

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my bedroom situation. Basically, my room feels like a depot or transit station of sorts and I can’t sleep because of it. Or maybe it’s because I have too many ideas. But we’ll just go with I feel unsettled because I’m surrounded by doors. How many doors? NINE. That’s right. There are literally 9 doors and 3 windows in my bedroom and I just can’t seem to get comfortable. It’s bananas.

So that’s why I’ve had doors on the brain and I think it’s time to do something about it. I don’t know why I didn’t do this last June, the day I moved in (yes, I do, The Scientist would have divorced me), but this entire room needs to be all one color. As in, paint the walls, doors, and trim exactly the same thing.

“WHAT?!?! But that’s CRAZY!!! Doors and trim are supposed to be WHITE!!!”

No, pretty people. It’s ok. Really. Let me show you how awesome it looks when you paint an inconveniently placed door to blend in with a wall.

Exhibit A:

Hidden Door 1OMG YOU LOVE IT SO MUCH. I knew you would. Here are some more!

Hidden Door 2

Hidden Door 3

Hidden Door 4

Hidden Door 6

Hidden Door 7

Hidden Door 8

Hidden Door 10

I know. Magic. But what if you don’t want a solid color on your wall? Oh, that’s ok. You can do more than one color, like this:

Hidden Door 5

Hidden Door 9

Hidden Door 11

What’s that? You want a more elaborately painted door/wall combo? No prob.

Hidden Door 12

Hidden Door 13

Mind = BLOWN. I know. But there’s more. You can totally use wallpaper, too!

Hidden Door 14

Hidden Door 15

Hidden Door 16

Hidden Door 17

Hidden Door 18

I have a one-way ticket to Crazy Town and I’m on the Hidden Door high-speed train. (There are lots of open seats.) But before we leave the station, let me show you how to make a Batman bookcase door.

Hidden Door 19

Ok, now we can go. But bring your computer so you can look at my Hidden Door Pinterest Board and get more ideas on the way!

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