The Most Bestest News EVER

Dearest reader friends,

I literally have the best news that has ever been shared with anyone in the history of shared news via blog:


(Cue screaming, applause, and fireworks.)


Ok, so most people probably don’t know what the Dupont House Tour is because, well, most people don’t live in my neighborhood. Or even in DC, for that matter. But I can assure you — this is the most incredible thing that has ever happened to anyone.

So what does this mean? It means The Scientist I need to finish all the projects in my apartment that have been awaiting completion for approximately 12 months… In the next 4 weeks. Which mostly means:


Seriously, I’m no longer sleeping at night. I barely eat. My eyes are bloodshot from searching the interwebs around the clock for art, rugs, chairs, fabric, tables, and chandeliers. Basically my breakdown is something like this:

The Scientist is about 57 hours away from packing his bags. The Fur-Babies are hiding under the furniture. I feel like I’m in a death spiral of design crazy and there is no escape.

BUT! What does this mean for YOU, my pretty friends? It means many stories of how I ruin The Scientist’s weekends am transforming my humble wee tiny apartment into the ultimate wee tiny apartment! It means photos of smashing shelves with sledgehammers! It means dumpster diving for art! It means meeting strangers to buy things on Craigslist! And these things are all very exciting. I can’t wait to tell you about them.

So please come back soon and read my crazy stories about how I went crazy and did many crazy things.

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