{Before + After} An Eclectic Dining Space

Once upon a time, back in a previous life on the Best West Coast, I had a dining room.

If I want an apartment in DC with a legit dining room I would have to pay about $1 Bazillion a month in rent, give or take 50 cents. So I invented one in my weird 7 ft square foyer space.

Here’s what it looked like empty.  Note the light fixture. (Please excuse me for not taking a photo of that space from a better angle when I moved in.)

And here’s what it looked like until very recently.

Obviously, that’s not cute. We sold that awesome console table and vintage schoolhouse chair on Craigslist to make some more room in that area. Then I went to CB2 and bought their display Odyssey dining table for $120 (SCORE). Then I ignored 99% of my adult responsibilities for several weeks until I found a set of 4 antique dining chairs on Craigslist for only $40 total (MAJOR SCORE). All they need is some new fabric for the seats and they will be SO AWESOME. And then I switched out that yucky light fixture for a cutie woven one from IKEA. (It’s discontinued so you can’t have one! Sorry!) And now I have a kinda-sorta dining room!

The “dining room” isn’t big enough for all 4 chairs to live there full-time so one resides next to the coat closet and the other next to my fabulous Craigslist DIY campaign hutch. When we have dinner guests we just pull them over to the table.

Now I get to look for dining chair fabric! I’m thinking indoor/outdoor fabric would work best. Maybe something graphic like chevron?

Or more organic, like Ikat?

Or we could REALLY go crazy and do a chevron Ikat!

There are so many options! What type of pattern do you think would look best? And in which color/colors? Let me know what you think!

NOTE: I’ve changed out many light fixtures in my short life because I don’t believe in suffering. (Lighting is all the things.) That said, I never do it “the right way” and I don’t want you to blame me if you get electrocuted and die. I have a Catholic husband so I don’t need any extra guilt. (Please direct all hate mail through the submission form.) That is why I found this. Please watch it before switching out your ugly light fixtures for awesome ones. The ugly one they start with is literally the exact one that was in my “dining room” before. See how I did that? Bringing it back home, kidz.

“Do as I say, not as I do.”








13 thoughts on “{Before + After} An Eclectic Dining Space

  1. Joanna Kelley says:

    I’m not sure how to send you pictures of the fabric swatchs I sought out, but the links below are my fave choices for your dining room chairs.
    http://www.fabricguru.com/?target=products&product_id=613721 (This one is my favorite out of all of them)
    I’m not sure if any of these would work in your space as I don’t have a “designer’s eye” like you, sadly :(, and I normally just pick the things/designs I like and hope it works in a room (with not much success). Let me know what you think.

  2. RoubicCube says:

    My dining “not a room” chairs have ikat seats! I like the chevron, but don’t think it’s eclectic enough for those cool chairs. There’s my unsolicited two-cents.

  3. Lyndsey says:

    my vote is for the ikat, i think it’ll tie in nicely with your new couch……though i do love me some of the red velvet/velour you’ve already got going on!

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