Kitchen Chaos

I said on Friday that I would remove 2 kitchen cabinet doors. After a thorough review of the survey responses received (THANK YOU to everyone who gave their input!) I felt confident moving forward with the plan.


  • WHITE-ON-WHITE ————————–> 17%
  • WERQ IT with color —————————> 56%
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE and use the tan ————> 11%
  • DITCH THE HUSBAND for new dishes —> 16%

Since I cannot ignore the pleas of the public, I mosied on down to my local Paper Source for some fancy paper. After much perusing and debate, The Scientist and I fell in love with the fishiest of all fishy gift wrap.

I brought a bunch home on Saturday and got started on the cabinets. After removing the 2 center doors I taped some paper up in the back, just to see if I liked it.

Hmph. For some reason, it just wasn’t quite right. Maybe it was the big eyeballs, or maybe it was the shelf peg holes, or maybe it was just the mood I was in, but I wasn’t feeling it. My Gramma always told me:

Leave well enough alone.

But my Mama always told me:

If it’s not perfect then it sucks — and so do you.

I looked around at the mayhem surrounding me and realized I had made a huge mistake.

This is the part where I sit in the corner and hug myself.

After 24 hours with my thoughts and a squeeze machine I suddenly had THE BEST IDEA EVER. Why didn’t I take ALL the big cabinet doors off and PAINT the insides of the cabinets?!?! I mean, it would only require purchasing a trillion mason jars for storing our pantry items in a cute way and filling in ALL the holes with wood putty, right? Besides, our landlord did say we could paint whatever we wanted when we moved in. And I still had a bunch of that minty green paint left from the hutch makeover!

So I took more cabinet doors off and walked half a mile to the hardware store to pick up 2 dozen mason jars… Then made The Scientist carry them home. The Fur-Babies very much enjoyed sitting at my feet while I spilled dry goods all over the floor during the transfer.

Then I put wood putty in the peg holes and sanded it all down. (For more information on both wood putty and explosive decorating episodes please see this post.)

Then I busted out my leftover mint paint and got my paint on! (Please note that it is now Sunday evening.) I did this entire project all by myself (minus the carrying of mason jars across the neighborhood) because The Scientist got poisoned at work last week*, so I gave him the day off to watch The Foosball.

Tip: When removing painter’s tape, use a sharp blade to slice along the edges. This prevents your paint from peeling off with the tape!

By Monday morning my cabinets were bright and cheerful!

I am VERY excited to reveal my new kitchen cabinets! I’m certain you’re all as excited as I am. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the finished product!

*He got many different vaccines in preparation for his business trip to India next month.

5 thoughts on “Kitchen Chaos

  1. Panzertorte says:

    This looks so great! Your Friday inspiration has totally inspired me (yet again) to do this on my own. I convinced my boyfriend to let me do this to our kitchen but he says I have to wait until October so he can have a break from my craziness.

    I would love to do all my cabinets too, but I’m afraid I won’t keep the shelved neat enough. I LOVE the mason jar idea for dry ingredients, are they expensive?

    I can’t wait to see the final product and steal more of your ideas!

    p.s. i still owe you a picture of my gallery wall, its coming!

    1. Apartment Envy says:

      Oh, YAY! I can’t wait to see your photos! And I’m so happy to inspire you! I hope the final photos tomorrow help send you off toward success!

      The mason jars are least expensive at hardware stores and “big box” stores, like Walmart and Kmart. Depending on the size, they range from $10 for 12 to $15 for 6 (the biggest are most expensive). Good luck!

  2. cynthiane! says:

    I think you should paper the ceiling with the fishy paper so that if (when) you slip on spilled dry goods you will have something pretty to stare up at while you rest up from your head injury.

    Jus’ sayin’.

    Love, Mom <3

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