headshotBeing an urban renter isn’t always easy.  The spaces are small, generally plain, and most landlords don’t want you doing anything too, well, permanent in your apartment.  That’s where I come in.

As an interior and event designer in our nation’s capital and a longtime renter (sigh), I’ve developed a knack for small space planning, organization, and budget design ideas that anyone can implement — even homeowners!

This site is dedicated to improving the lifestyle of everyone who’s renting the American Dream. I’ll not only be posting about my own trials and tribulations as I attempt to personalize my humble abode, but I’ll be offering up suggestions to anyone who wants my advice.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve — and I like to think I have some good ideas sometimes — so please let me use your spaces on the site!  Email me submissions/questions/etc. and I know you’ll get some great ideas, whether it be from me or a fellow reader!

I live in Dupont Circle and I very much enjoy both capital letters and exclamation points, which you will likely find if you follow my blog.  I indulge far too often in takeout and reality television but I’ve come to terms with it. While I don’t always act like a lady and have far more passion than is good for me (con), I always tell the truth and say it with gusto (pro).  I hope you like me.


38 thoughts on “About Kerra Michele

  1. Marissa Gandee says:

    OMG! Your site is amazing. I wish we’d known that you were an interior designer. We would have picked your brain for design ideas. I’m going to share your site w Beth. She’s creative too and I know she’ll love what you did to create a gallery wall.

    1. Apartment Envy says:

      Thank you so much! I watched that show, too! I already really liked that show that used only things in the client’s home and just rearranged it all to make a better space, but I can’t remember the name now :)

  2. Fae's Twist & Tango says:

    Dear ★ Designer ★,
    Guess what?
    I have nominated you/your inspirational blog for the One Lovely Blog Award!
    Please pick up your badge** and information/rules on how to pass the torch at:
    :D Enjoy! Fae.

    **There are many images of the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ badge.
    If there is an image/badge you prefer to use for your blog, please go ahead and use that image/badge instead.

  3. arielrosesuares says:

    hi! just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award [ Liebster is german for favorite.] because I enjoy reading your blog and I appreciate your work. Just check out my blog to learn more and have a great day.

  4. lifeonhillst says:

    I just wanted to say hi and that I love your beautiful corner of the internet :) I’m new to the blog world, but sites like yours serve as great inspiration! Keep up the fantastic work! PS – I just realized that we have the same template…I knew I liked your blog, lol.

  5. Found This Painted That says:

    You probably already have every award given in the blogosphere because you are awesomness personified, but I’m still nominating you for 2, mostly because you make me laugh but also because you have Style!! Should you choose to accept, visit my latest post and follow the instructions . ps question 10 was asked specifically with you in mind. ;)

      1. Amberly says:

        No one here thinks you are less than human. Being male doesn’t make you less than human.We are having a political discussion. We are not actually concerned about you sp.cIficallyeif you have a hard time keeping calm reading a blog, stop reading it.

  6. Diana Levinson says:

    So glad to come across your blog. It suits me to a T. Looking forward to inspiration and a fresh approach to making our home special. Thank you Kerra !

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