{Favorite Things} Microscope Telescope

Everyone. Stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and look at this.

MsTs-facebook-banner copy

The weekend is upon us and the holidays are rapidly approaching! I think that means you need to see my new favorite Etsy shop: Microscope Telescope. It’s a little bit retro, a little bit modern, and whole lotta FABULOUS.

Exhibit A:


That is literally the greatest Etsy vignette ever created. EVER. (Don’t argue with me.) And ALL of these items are FOR SALE.



Futher proof that this is the greatest Etsy store of all time:









And these wood bowls? TO DIE FOR.


This teensy brass pineapple? EVERYTHING.


Are you kidding me with these rhino bookends?? STOP IT RIGHT NOW.


But I’m not just showing you this shop because I love everything in it and I know you will, too. I’m showing it to you because I told Microscope Telescope that I loved everything in it, and they said HERE’S A COUPON CODE TO HELP YOU BUY THINGS.


You’re so very welcome. And I really like your happy dance.

For the entire month of November, Microscope Telescope is offering $10 off every purchase of $40 or more with the coupon code APTE10. That’s right, people. They’re giving you free money. There is nothing better in this world than free money. (Don’t pretend that’s not true.)

Happy shopping, my darlings! And don’t forget to be a generous friend and share this free money with others. It’ll make you look savvy, I promise.

Tell me what you think!

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