{Inspiration Friday} Magazine Piles

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I am an addict.

I am addicted to magazines. The pages are smooth and shiny. They smell like a library. They make your APARTMENT smell like a library. And they’re just. So. Darn. PRETTY.

Me and magazines? It’s bad. I have so many subscriptions to magazines that I am probably the only reason that magazines are even still in business. Me. I’m keeping the magazine industry alive. It’s the cross I bear.

So what do I do with all these magazines? Well, recently, before the Dupont House Tour and The Washington Post attention, I started to get a little self conscious about my magazine hoarding collection and recycled a bunch that were deemed “irrelevant” by The Scientist, who in my opinion really doesn’t know anything about magazines. Or relevance in general.

Parting with some of my magazines may or may not have involved actual tears. And I’m not saying I did walk around talking like Smeagol, but that probably would’ve been the correct response.

You should know that when I moved from Seattle I brought virtually nothing other than clothes, chairs, and magazines. Our movers were not impressed. Apparently you’re supposed to pack your gigantic magazine collection in many small boxes, rather than several large boxes. Noted for next time. (“Sorry about that hernia, Bruno, but thanks for all your help! High five, broseph!”)

I ultimately decided to make functional use of my magazines, since I have such a small space to live in, and stack them up next to chairs to use as side tables. It’s a trick you can use in any size space with extra magazines, books, or even newspapers.



See? They’re totally useful to keep around. Let me show you some more. You’ll like it.

magazines in piles

See?! See that?! That’s Pippa Holt’s house and she’s an editor at British Vogue, so I’m pretty sure she’s equal parts stylish and not crazy. But there are more examples! Look!







But maybe don’t do the super tall stacks, because it will totally suck when it falls down. And it WILL fall down.


And don’t hang them on the wall with a noose contraption. That’s horrifying, and probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen.


And definitely do NOT attempt to build actual walls with them. This should be left to a professional.


You probably don’t need more convincing but just in case you’re anything like The Scientist, head on over to my Galleries, Collections, and Piles Pinterest Board for even more visual stimulation!

13 thoughts on “{Inspiration Friday} Magazine Piles

  1. Denise says:

    Too funny! I tried that for a while but just decided to rip out pages/articles that I found relevant & put them in a binder. I don’t know about Seattle, but around here (DC area), little bugs known as ‘silver fish’ loooooove paper, and it’s either them or me!

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