{Before + After} Heather’s Glam IKEA Makeover

I love spray paint more than just about everything (except maybe my Fur-Baby). But what do I love more than spray paint? GOLD spray paint. So when a reader sent me her recent basic-IKEA-shelf-meets-gold-spray-paint photos I died a little inside.

Heather is a co-owner of Deity Skincare in Seattle and, as a new business owner, was on a tight budget to outfit her adorable little spa. She picked up a few of the VITTSJÖ shelving units at IKEA for $40 each, but they didn’t exactly fit her spa’s glamorous and feminine aesthetic.


So Heather rolled up her sleeves and busted out the gold spray paint. A few quick coats of Montana Black Gold spray paint and some inexpensive custom-cut mirrors for the bottom shelves were all it took to completely transform these basic pieces.


Gorgeous, Heather!! Thanks so much for sharing your successful project with us!

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