Apt Envy is in The Washington Post!


Apartment Envy is getting a feature in The Washington Post this Thursday!!! My little apartment and I will be the cover story in the Local Living magazine on November 7, and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t possibly be happier about anything. Except maybe ending hunger and poverty and war. And having free high-speed wireless internet for life. And maybe eating unlimited calorie-free toast and jam for 100 years. But now I’m just getting greedy.

And as if that alone weren’t fantastic enough, I get to host the Home Front chat the same day with Jura Koncius — home and design genius for The Washington Post — from 11am to noon (Eastern Time, kidz) that same day. WHAT?!?! That’s in-SANE!!! I’m the luckiest girl in the world and I’m not ashamed to say it.

I really want to make sure I get as many questions answered as possible so prettyprettyplease submit them early! What about right now? What are you doing? You should be submitting questions! Life can wait.

Click this here link or copy and paste the link below to submit early questions! And be sure to mark the chat on your calendars so you can tune in live and watch what happens. Live chats can go in any direction at any time so buckle up, people!


I can’t wait to read and answer all your wonderful questions! See you Thursday!

4 thoughts on “Apt Envy is in The Washington Post!

  1. Susan says:

    I read the story in the Home section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper this past Sunday – wow – you are one creative gal – I liked all your ideas. Good luck with your design business!

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