{Survey} Am I insane?

This is a very serious post.

As many of you know, the Dupont Circle House Tour (yes, that’s my wee apartment on the tour preview page!) is this Sunday. As in 4 days away. This means I have approximately 36 hours to get my what-what together before reality collides with the fantasy world where I currently reside. (At least that’s what The Scientist tells me.) I’ve been a very good girl and made sure the projects around here were moving along in a timely fashion, and everything is on course to be finished up well before Sunday. So, with that in mind, I have a very important question to ask you:

Should I paint my dining table?


Am I completely insane?

I am looking over at the dining area and it’s all just… Just so… White. And boring. And I really find boring to be boring. My intention all along has been to get a marble top for this table but that’s currently not in the budget, so the table is just sitting there in all it’s whiteness. And I was ok with that — until this very moment. Now it is suddenly the most horrible thing I have ever seen and I want to throw it out the window. Or paint the top gray.

So seriously, what should I do?? Please comment and tell me what you think! And if you would be so kind as to share me so I can get more opinions I would be ever so grateful. I’m going to need a LOT of backup to convince my husband this needs to happen…

If you agree, of course.


28 thoughts on “{Survey} Am I insane?

  1. Found This Painted That says:

    Halt! Do not panic! If you paint it grey now and hate it, then what? Never paint when in a tizzy! What are your table display plan? Chairs? Flowers on a tray? Tablecloth/runner? A vignette of books/florals/magnifying glass? Distract your eye, girl! You can do this!

    1. Apartment Envy says:

      Such logic and reason! I was hoping for less of that ;)

      My only display plan for the table right now is a huge floral arrangement and I haven’t thought beyond that. Ack! But I love your ideas so I’ll go accessory hunting!

  2. Sarah Munoz Oca says:

    I am all for painting (trust me) but I don’t think you need paint here sister. If you paint the table it will draw all the attention inward. The table will in essence become the focal point of the room. If that’s what you want then go for it. However, right now the space is open and lovely. I do agree, you need some color but perhaps adding a low profile colored vase or maybe a couple place settings… better yet a full bloom single red rose. Wow. Keep it simple and open. It looks like you’ve got a lot going on in other spaces nearby. Good luck! Cant wait to hear how it goes. :)

  3. Lola Ortiz says:

    I think the problem of what makes it boring as you say, is not the table…it is the lamp in combination with the table what gives the sensation of a little bit “flat”, at least in the pics. Other lamp, and a centered display with flowers, pumpkins, some table cloth and transparent cristal would look great. The white in the table brings serenity that matches with everything around, at the same time, it is the point of attention. Contradictory and absolutely adorable dinning room, the eyes just flow one part to another…like it. Looking forward to see it see personally on Sunday! :)

    1. Apartment Envy says:

      Dear Lola,

      I don’t know you but I obviously should, because you are clearly a genius. This pendant came here from my previous rental, when I chose it for a room painted a rich blue-green. In an effort to reuse my furnishings I put it up in the dining area without even thinking. You’re absolutely right about it blending in with the wall color! And I’m going straight to the hardware store tomorrow for a bright, happy color of paint so I can fix it.

      The kitchen is mint and the hutch on the other side of the room is mint, so I think I’ll do a rich, orange-red to add a little contrast. I have that color sprinkled throughout the apartment so it will be fabulous.

      Thank you so much for commenting!!!

      1. Lola Ortiz says:

        Thank you, for your response! It is the first time I’ve made a comment in a blog…I’ve liked your blog so much! I think you blend very good quality work with fun and joy…and that is great, congrats!
        I’m going to see your apartment on Sunday! Can’t wait!

  4. livingsimplyfree says:

    I would do it. I have learned to follow my instincts. If yours are telling you the color isn’t right then it isn’t right. I personally wouldn’t go with gray, I think i would tie in the color of the inside of your cabinets.

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