{How To} Create Hipster Art

My husband is too cutie. This morning I found this:

valentine bannerTotes adorbs, am I right??

Never one to shy away from a challenge (this was obviously an attempt to assert dominance and regain the title of Most Thoughtful in our relationship) I had to quickly come up with a way to make an equally amazing valentine gesture. So I pulled this guy out of the storage closet:

canvas“What is this?” you may be asking yourself. Well, basically, it’s something I outlined about 4 years ago and then never actually finished painting. And today I can finally do something with it! I’ve been wanting to recreate a piece of typography art I love for some time and I believe today is the day I try my hand at my own version…

For Like Ever

Pretty perfect, right? Well, I have a big empty space behind my bedroom door that really bothers me when I’m lying in bed and the door is closed…


before 2{CLOSED}

before 1

(I can tell it bothers you, too.) So I thought I might use the canvas to fill the big empty wall and regain my throne as queen of thoughtfulness profess my undying love upon it.

process 4

Using a little bit of leftover gray paint (the wall color from my previous apartment living room) I cover the unsightly kindergarten art. I didn’t try very hard to cover it but rather used light, dry brush strokes and only one coat of paint so that the bright colors peeked through a bit.

process 3

process 2Once that dried, I used a pencil to lightly outline the letters of my love note.

processThen I used some leftover white paint to paint around the letters (and add a little cloud effect at the bottom for my cloud scientist) and voila! A love note! JUST LIKE MAGIC.

after 1

after 3

after 2It’s obviously not as pretty as the inspiration artwork BUT! It was free and it only took an hour! #winning

But how can you create your own hipster art / love note if you don’t hang on to weird, unfinished canvas art or have 16 almost-empty cans of paint lying around? Simple!

  • CANVAS: You can either buy a new one at an art supply or craft store or get an actual painting for close to free at TJ Maxx (or someplace similar) or a thrift store.
  • PAINT: Rather than shell out for a new can, go to a hardware or paint store and check out the mis-tint area. There are often tons of colors and they’re super cheap. Tricky trick!

If you need more art inspiration before embarking upon your Valentine’s Day quest then you should certainly check out these three pages:

{How To} Create Wall Art

Art For Art’s Sake

Words To Live By

Happy Valentine’s Day!

6 thoughts on “{How To} Create Hipster Art

  1. Sarah says:

    The perfect solution to the hole behind the door problem! Oh and I’m pretty sure this reasserts your dominance too.
    My husband left two of my favorite candy bars & a card for me on the coffee table this morning, so I have his favorite treat {vanilla meringues} and added a bonus box of Peanut Butter cookies that I found on the “new stuff” shelf at Trader Joes ready for when he gets home. Now as long as he doesn’t come home with flowers, I might be winning at this Valentines day thing!

  2. jennabujarski@gmail.com says:

    I love this idea! I have tons of old canvas art from middle school and random paint:) I just read your article in the Star Tribune and decided to check out your webpage. I just purchased my first home this month and really need some new ideas. This is perfect! Great webpage and designs:)

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