{Inspiration Friday} Covered Fridges

I know you’re probably wondering what I’m doing in my kitchen that involves appliances and contact paper. Today’s inspiration post should give you the answer…

That’s right. I’m covering my ugly old refrigerator with contact paper! Seriously.

I really can’t stand looking at my almost-white old fridge against my almost-almost-white old cabinets. I can’t even express it in words. If you’re an apartment dweller then I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Here’s what we’re working with. (Please ignore our ironic tourist magnet collection.)

Fridge Before

So I’ve spent some time searching for photos on the interwebz proving that my cockamamie idea is possible. Not that I would’ve needed that validation to go through with it, but more to help me convince The Scientist that I’m not totes cray. Here are some examples I found of people using either wallpaper or contact paper. WARNING: They’re awesome.

Wallpaper Fridge 1

Wallpaper Fridge 2

Wallpaper Fridge 3a

Wallpaper Fridge 4

Wallpaper Fridge 5

Wallpaper Fridge 6a

Wallpaper Fridge 7

Wallpaper Fridge 8

Wallpaper Fridge 9

Wallpaper Fridge 10

Wallpaper Fridge 11

Wallpaper Fridge 14

Wallpaper Fridge 15 Wallpaper Fridge 16

Wallpaper Fridge 17Aren’t these RAD?!?! And it’s an easy solution for all you renters like me! Another cool idea if you can’t find paper you like or don’t want to deal with the process is to cover the entire fridge with photos.

Wallpaper Fridge 18

Wallpaper Fridge 19Do you own instead of rent but can’t afford to buy a newer, prettier fridge? You could also try painting it with chalkboard paint (like I did on my kitchen walls)!

Wallpaper Fridge 12

Wallpaper Fridge 13I don’t know about you but I’m feeling inspired to solve my ugly ol’ fridge problem. Wish me luck!

12 thoughts on “{Inspiration Friday} Covered Fridges

    1. Apartment Envy says:

      The wood one is so fun. I love it, too! Since I have chalkboard walls in my kitchen I’ve figured out that using a wet paper towel or rag to wipe the walls eliminates all the dust. Maybe you can have your chalkboard fridge after all! ;)

  1. livingsimplyfree says:

    I like the third photo the best. Years ago, renting, I covered mine with contact paper. It was one of those old fridges with the little compartment inside for the freezer. It was so old the finish on the front had been scrubbed off and there was this huge ugly spot right in the middle of the door. It turned out really nice!

  2. Armel says:

    Nice idea! I have seen that already at some people house and this just is so neat …. the idea of chalkboard paint on a fridge: luv it…..!! Why not mixing this with contact paper…? bottom with contact.paper…freezer part with chalkboard paint …then you can leave sweet words to your scientist.. Anyway, you always have nice ideas, and you’re pretty good at decorating so ..wish you luck ! Bonne chance! Have fun! Amuses toi bien!

  3. Ness says:

    I need to do this to my fridge ASAP! Love the half chalkboard idea…I’m inspired 💚
    I’d like to follow your blog now…I’ve never followed a blog before so I hope by adding my email address that I’ll get to follow you and your fab ideas!

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