FREE Design Services!

Yes, you read it correctly! I’m offering FREE custom textile design services through Loom Decor!

Remember when I introduced you to Loom Decor a couple of weeks ago? It’s an amazing site that allows you create custom designer decor made in the USA with high-end designer fabrics! With Loom Decor you can even use a professional stylist to help mix and match different fabrics to create a fabulous look for your home.

By working with a stylist you get the fun of decorating without the stress, and the end result is so much more stylish and unique than buying ready-made products from mass market stores. But the best part? The stylist experience is completely FREE of charge!

Loom Decor offers FREE design services through their exclusive team of professional stylists, helping clients use Loom’s designer fabrics to create unique and custom textiles.

I know what you’re thinking. AWESOME, right?! As a Loom Decor Stylist I’m here to make sure you get the textiles of your dreams without the hassle or worry, so take a few minutes to check out Loom Decor — and then let me know how I can help you beautify your space with amazing fabric! Leave a comment below or send me a message through the Submissions Form.

Tell me what you think!

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