Hurricanes and Couches

You may or may not have heard about the FrankenStorm.

The bad news: Wind kept pushing rain down my chimney and into my living room.

The good news: I don’t live in New York City or New Jersey. Actually, not living in New Jersey is always good news. (Please direct all hate mail through the submission form.)

All kidding aside, this storm was epic and my thoughts are with those in the line of fire. I hope everyone managed to stay safe and sound and that your power is restored quickly!

Now, for those of you who do have power and need some cheering up, I thought I would show you MY NEW COUCH!!! Remember when I searched for the perfect couch? I found it in the Gus Modern Atwood and those fine ladies at Homebody delivered it to me recently. I. LOVE. IT. SO. MUCH.

Ain’t she a beaut? She’s super comfy, too . And yes, I hoard magazines. More on that later! Until then you can have couch envy.


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