{Inspiration Friday} Eclectic Dining Spaces

Since I shared my eclectic little “dining room” with you yesterday I thought you might like to admire some if the inspirational images I collected while I was working on the space. Here are some of my favorites! (Please notice the incredible lighting featured in many of these photos.)

What’s that? You need to see MORE amazing photos of eclectic dining spaces? I’d thought you’d never ask! Just mosey on over to the Pinterest Board I’ve created to see lots more. And then use the weekend to change those drab rental light fixtures out for beautimous ones and spruce up those dining rooms!


3 thoughts on “{Inspiration Friday} Eclectic Dining Spaces

  1. Jennifer Lourie says:

    I saw your apartment today on the DuPont Circle house tour and it was so much cooler than all your inspirations! Can we please be best friends? :)

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