{Favorite Things} Subversive Cross Stitch

Maybe it’s just me but I find subversive cross stitch infinitely amusing. Whether it’s on a pillow or in a frame, I think everyone can benefit from a little sarcastic humor in their home decor. Whenever I want anything, Etsy is always the first place I go. Here are some of my favorite cross stitchings I’ve found lately. (Click the photos to go to the sale page.) You should buy one!

And just in case you don’t understand that last one…

You’re welcome.

17 thoughts on “{Favorite Things} Subversive Cross Stitch

  1. Alicia Watkins says:

    Thanks for featuring several of my cross stitches! :D
    This is a beautiful blog…I’m sitting in my apartment reading it and I can feel the air filling with envy…
    PS. For anyone looking to make one of mine themselves (That’s what she said, Shut it down, You’re doing it wrong, honey badger, like a boss and shun the nonbeliever Hobo Signs), the patterns are also available (and so are kits) at my shop. : )

    1. Apartment Envy says:

      Oh, happy day! You found me! I was going to email you and the other artists tonight but you beat me to it :) I lovelovelovelovelove your work! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!! :D

      1. Alicia Watkins says:

        Oh, thank YOU! I’m glad to hear you love it — I love doing it! :D
        Obviously, feel free anytime to suggest other things you’d like to see in stitches.
        I’ve shared this post/blog on my FB page, so hopefully some of my friends will have envious apartments soon as well : )

        (PS — I was able to find your blog via my Etsy shop stats, which are quite thorough and helpful in detailing where views are coming from.)

      2. Apartment Envy says:

        Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou for sharing me!! That’s so awesome.

        If you’re looking for more cross stitch quotes I have to request Ron Burgundy quotes, such as:

        Stay classy
        I wanna be on you
        This burrito is delicious but boy is it filling

        He’s my favorite :)

        Thanks again! You’re awesome!

  2. Julie Jackson says:

    This came up in a Google alert, so I had to say hello from Subversive Cross Stitch! I’m about to do a holiday collaboration with the fine folks from Steotch, so stay tuned xo. Julie

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