{Inspiration Friday} Dressing Rooms

All the testosterone-filled spaces I’ve been looking at this week have left me longing for something strictly feminine, so today I’ve decided to show you pretty pictures of dressing rooms.

As you may recall, I’m fortunate enough to have a large walk-in closet in my apartment (which I’ve claimed as my own). While it’s not a legit dressing room per se, it’s certainly large enough for me to get dressed in. Therefore I will call it a dressing room to make me feel fancy.

In case it isn’t burned into your memories forever (I’ve been having recurring nightmares about it), here’s the reality of my current situation:

Come with my on my trip down De-Nile and we shall enjoy this little fantasy together…

Le sigh…

Well, that was fun. Now I have to figure out how to turn the disaster that is my closet into a gorgeous dressing room fit for a queen (or at least Carrie Bradshaw). Need more inspiration? I know I do! How about you meet me at the Pinterest Board I’ve created just for the occasion?



6 thoughts on “{Inspiration Friday} Dressing Rooms

  1. itsjustjessica says:

    I’m one of those obnoxious women with a dressing room :) I blame it on being young, married and having no plans for children any time soon aka our 2 spare bedrooms are “His” gym and “Her” dressing room (who needs a guest room, right? lol). I only keeps dresses, dress shoes, handbags and jewelry in there which helps me keep it (somewhat) in order. Also, if everything matches (hangers, containers, bins jewelery organizers) I find it gives the illusion of organization haha.

    1. Apartment Envy says:

      Your living situation sounds amazing. ENVY. Also, great idea about the hangers, etc! I’m totally implementing these ideas right now and I’ll show you some after photos once it’s all cleaned up! :D

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