{Before + After} Thrifty Mirror Makeover

Remember those little mirrors I found at the thrift store a few weeks ago?

Well, I finally got around to making them beautiful! I had intended to spray paint them gold from the moment I first saw them but any hesitation I had was immediately wiped away when I noticed something in one of my Bar Cart Inspiration photos…

Yessirree! That’s my little mirror! A slightly smaller convex mirror version of my patriotic porthole (that’s what she said), of course, but basically the same. I got very excited when I noticed this, natch.

This is an easy makeover that took me less than an hour from start to finish. I covered the mirror part with newspaper and painter’s tape.

Then I used some Rust-oleum spray paint as directed on the can. Tip: Pick something glossy and/or shiny!

And after a few hours of dry time I hung my mirrors on the wall!

So easy it was almost like magic! And now I can ensure there’s no Betty Draper lipstick on my teeth before I walk out the door.






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