{Client Project} Bachelor Pad Plans

Now that you’ve seen Ed’s living room and a few of my inspirational images we can talk about my plans for transforming the space!

The only furniture in the room that’s staying is the couch. However, our bachelor did request a dining table that seats at least 4 in case he wants to have a few someones over for dinner. I plan to accomplish this by switching out his current dining table with a smaller one and using it as an oversized side table. By getting 2 upholstered dining chairs to double as side chairs and using wood stools as side tables to double as additional seating for the occasional dinner guest, we can make this living room multi-functional in a way that makes sense the 360 days a year when our bachelor isn’t hosting.

With these requirements and ideas in mind, here’s what I’m thinking the basic layout should look like:

It looks sparse in the model because there are no accessories but have no fear! The for-realsies real life after photos will include much muchness to zshoozsh the space.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post! I have a very fun Splurge vs. Save gathering of many gorgeous things for my bachelor pad revamp for you to enjoy slash salivate over.

Tell me what you think!

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