{Client Project} Ed’s Bachelor Pad

I’m baaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaack…

Sorry I disappeared! I’ve been very busy visiting with old friends, having an anniversary, and working on client projects. One that I think you may be particularly interested in is a bachelor pad revamp.

Ed has a wonderful little condo in central DC. He’s single and, therefore, a very fun client to have. Why? Because it’s not very often that I get to create a masculine space without compromise. Super awesome fun time! Ed had already found some fun colors to paint a few walls and bought a new couch, but all the other living room furniture is headed out to make way for the new. Here’s what we’re working with:

(Faces blacked out to protect the innocent.)

And this is where I want to take it:

Tomorrow I’ll show you the plans I’ve created and furnishings I’m recommending to transform this bachelor pad into a sexy and sophisticated hangout even ladies will enjoy!

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