{Reader Submission} Bridget’s Cottage Dining Room

I’m sure you all remember Bridget’s Fiesta Living Room. How could we forget? If you can believe it, she has another room in her rental house that’s causing both of us a bit of anxiety. Her dining room looks like an ad for Ye Olde Back Country Bed & Breakfast. We must help!

Um, can I just say that I could probably fit most of my apartment into her dining room? And that I a little bit don’t even remember what a dining room is? And maybe, just maybe, I thought the only place one could eat at a legit table was in a restaurant?

But I digress.

Kudos to Bridget for all the cuteness! She has things on the walls, a little bar cart, and accessories spread about. I must say I am HIGHLY impressed. Bravo, Bridget!

Also, good news! Bridget’s dining room can be made amazing with just a few changes!

  • PAINT! Remember the darkish blue-green I recommended for her fireplace? This dining room is so big and bright that it can handle a dark color, and it will cozy up the space. I say GO FOR IT! And choosing the same (or very similar) color as used on the fireplace will keep those rooms flowing together nicely. Note: Bring the paint chips into the house BEFORE buying paint. You need to see what it looks like in that bright natural light. If my recommendation is too bright, just pick something similar that’s a bit darker!
  • Change the light fixture! Once again, who says you have to live with ugly lighting just because you rent? A light fixture is an excellent investment because a) you can take them with you when you move and b) they’re very easy to sell on Craigslist if you need to. I’d recommend going for something classic and basic that will work in any space. Something like this one will modernize the space but still blend with the awesome old timey-time style of the house. Tip: Hang it low, so it’s only about 36 inches above your table top.

  • Get a round table. (No need for the knights.) The shape of the room calls for a round dining table. If you’re willing to let go of your current set, I think getting something rustic will look amazing. I like this one for your space. Tip: Center it under your (low) light fixture! I know it will come out into your walking path to the kitchen a bit more, but right now you have a bit too much walking space and you’re getting a bit of a bowling alley effect. It will make the room “feel” better if you use up more of the available space!

  • Get comfy dining chairs! If you’re letting go of your entire dining set, you’ll need chairs to go with your round dining table. I think 4 upholstered chairs would look best. I would go for something like this.

I hope these tips are helpful! Pretty please send us the photos when you’re all done with your rental transformation. We want to see how all your hard work paid off! Good luck!

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