{How To} Create Wall Art

I’m not a huge fan of bare walls. In some instances it’s nice but most of the time, in the home, I find bare walls make a room feel cold and unwelcoming. The obvious problem is filling walls gets expensive.

I have a tricky trick.

I think calendars are amazing. I know you’re thinking I’m lame for saying that, but it’s true. Why? Because you get 12 beautiful prints for, like, $10. WHAT?! That’s crazy talk! No, it’s true! Let me show you.

Whenever I get calendars (which I usually don’t get as gifts anymore because of the magic of the interwebs and things), I save them in case I need art.

Then, if I need something for a wall, I get a frame from IKEA (the Ribba series is my favorite) and stick the prints in there! Magic!

Isn’t that awesome? I used two from my Opera calendar in my bedroom. I love them very much.

So tricky! (Yes, that’s a TV in my bedroom and no, I don’t feel the least bit bad about it.)

Need more easy DIY wall art inspiration? My favorite Kyle found this little blurb filled with UH-MAY-ZING ideas the other day. It’s oh so very awesome. I’m pretty sure I need to do half of these things. Please go look at them! And then send me photos of your accomplishments!

39 Easy DIY Ways To Create Wall Art

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