{Reader Submission} Inspired Gallery DIY

I’m pretty happy right now. Why? Because 2 complete strangers who enjoy my cray-cray blahg were so inspired by my gallery wall that they made one for themselves!!! That’s seriously the greatest compliment I could ever receive. I’m SO excited that they were kind enough to send me their “After” photos so I could share them with all you lovely readers.

Reader #1:

Awhile back I posted about liking your gallery. You told me you were always looking for reader submissions. This weekend I was finally productive and made a small gallery on the wall above my couch. I even took before and after pictures!
  • Picture One – What I started with, just thrown together on my couch.
  • Picture Two – Laying everything out on my floor. I wound up switching some things around last-minute while hanging, but this picture was my guide. It was also texted to about ten of my friends before I started.
  • Picture Three – Getting started. It’s really hard to hang things level when the light coming through the blinds is hitting your wall at an angle…
  • Picture Four – The final product!

Thank you for all your inspiration!

Reader #2:

Here are a couple of pics of the gallery wall you inspired. I collected a bunch of different frames and painted them all gold with spray paint. A much easier process than I’d anticipated. I also used your newspaper and painter’s tape trick–worked great!

These look SO AWESOME!!! I’m so happy that two more apartment living rooms were made so much better with a little gallery wall injection. My work here is done.

A ginormous THANK YOU to these two wonderful readers for sharing their decor success stories with Apartment Envy! I hope to get lots more emails like these in the future. My tiny heart is overflowing with love!


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