Closet Nightmares

I had a very bad day on Friday. From start to finish, my entire day was a never-ending series of miniature disasters. And it all started with the evil closet gnomes.

You never know when they’re going to show up but, for me, it was Thursday night. I woke up on Friday morning and found… THEY HAD ATTACKED.

I know it was the gnomes. I’m fairly certain I did not make this mess. The Scientist doesn’t believe me.

I started to clean my closet but got hungry about 3.79 minutes into the process. Then I went down to the kitchen and decided that my refrigerator was looking a bit messy. So I organized that instead.

If your refrigerator doesn’t look like a grocery store display then you’re doing it wrong.

After I cleaned my refrigerator I did everything else that WASN’T cleaning my closet. And then many bad things happened. So I went to bed at 8pm. Sorry I didn’t post on Friday, friends.

The weekend, however, was extremely productive! There were many trips to the hardware store and many projects being completed or started. I will tell you all about them later this week!



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