{Inspiration Friday} Kitchen Cabinets

I have a little project to work on this weekend so I’ve been psyching myself up for it by collecting inspirational images. My project involves more wrapping paper (much like my IKEA bookcase project) and a teensy bit of spacial creativity.

That’s right, friends. I’m going to remove my kitchen cabinet doors. GASP!

Ok, so I’m only removing two, but it’s going to require a lot of rearranging. You see, I love my dishes so very very much, but they’re as white as my cabinets. White dishes against white cabinets could either be very pretty… Or very boring. So I’m possibly going to see how handy I can be with some brightly colored wrapping paper and my very good friend: Double-Sided Tape.

Here are a few of my favorite open kitchen cabinet images I’ve collected so far. (For more inspiration check out my Pinterest page!)

Option #1: A little white-on-white action

Option #2: Add a little color to the back of the cabinets

Option #3: Remove the doors from the cabinets on the OTHER side of the kitchen, which are a natural wood color on the inside, so the white dishes are more noticeable (yes, that’s right, my cabinets don’t match)

Option #4: Throw all my dishes in the dumpster and buy a set of brightly colored dishes! (The Scientist will veto this.)

So, what do you think I should do?

10 thoughts on “{Inspiration Friday} Kitchen Cabinets

  1. RoubicCube says:

    My mother-who I must credit with training my DIY spirit and a decent “eye”- was telling me all about papering the back of a bookcase/curio cabinet in a similar fashion to your IKEA project. But, because she’s easily tires of even her most brillant design ideas and she didn’t want to permanently alter her rather nice cabinet with a trendy-ish fix-up, she glued the paper onto really thin foam board, cut it to fit her shelves, and then stood it up in the back. It’s sort of an extra step, and would take more time than DS tape, but may not tear or wear as readily. I think I’m working on a plan like this for my huge science cabinet. Also have you discovered these print your own paper files sold cheaply on ETSY? It’s not all brillant, but its not too shabby either. http://www.etsy.com/listing/104134895/12-printable-digital-papers-personal-and?ref=usr_faveitems

    1. Apartment Envy says:

      Um, 2 things:

      1. I have never seen those printable papers before and they’re AWESOME. I’m so happy you shared them! I’m going to start doing regular Etsy posts and this is SO going in one of them! Genius!

      2. Paper-to-board idea: Also genius. I’m currently using this technique in an executive office for a Top Secret Politico here in DC! The office furniture I have to work with is, as you can imagine, all very traditional, dark wood, and pretty boring. Since I can’t do anything permanent I’m “upholstering” foam core boards with amazing fabric and putting them in the back of the huge bookcase. I can’t take photos of the office for the blog though — SADZ!

  2. Fae's Twist & Tango says:

    Hi Designer, I actually like all your options (except throwing your dishes away). Lately, I find myself being attracted to white, but want those accent colors to be present as well. Option #2 – – photo 6 & 8 form top are my pick for a young couple’s kitchen! :) Fae.

    1. Apartment Envy says:

      Those are also my 2 favorites! Both of those use paint rather than patterned paper, but I’m trying to decide if I can get away with that! I don’t think my landlord would mind if I painted the inside of the cabinets… But I might ask first ;)

  3. intecoolochoberord says:

    Love the quiz, well a hubby might come in handy at times even if they never at any age learn how to put down the toilet seat.
    I think you are on the right track to add some colour in the cabinets (that you easily can change if needed.) White on white can be beautiful if you add some extra colour like a set of blue glasses. Good luck!

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