Welcome home, retro bar cabinet!

Bar Cabinet

I know I said I was going to the big DC Flea Market last weekend but my plans changed after I suddenly decided it was time to remove my window bars. Doing that required a trip to the hardware store, which required looking in every aisle, which then required going in every store between the hardware store and my apartment because I was in the mood to browse. This took several hours.

After collecting all those gorgeous inspirational images I couldn’t very well abandon the idea of a bar cart, so I headed over to the Georgetown Flea Market on Sunday morning. I think it was meant to be because we found an ADORABLE retro bar cabinet and, after it was painted in a rich slate blue-gray, it matched the new sofa perfectly! It was $70 and, ordinarily, I wouldn’t pay that for a small piece… But it was just too perfect to leave behind.

Bar Cabinet

Bar Cabinet 2

Bar Cabinet 3

Bar Cabinet 4

Bar Cabinet 5

Bar Cabinet 6Isn’t it so cute?! I just love the etched glass. The little tin tray we also found at the flea market, featuring a beer from Rochester, NY — where The Scientist is from! We couldn’t pass it up. The flowers are from Whole Foods (I took 2 bunches I liked and threw them together) and the Roman transit stop print is from Fab, although the frames and mats were inexpensive Amazon finds.

What do you think? Not bad for a weekend outing, eh? And now we have a place to display our beautiful stainless steel barware we received as wedding-related gifts, in addition to some of our lovely vintage pieces. Hooray!

21 thoughts on “Welcome home, retro bar cabinet!

  1. repurposed redhead says:

    That’s fantastic! So glad you found what you were looking for. Now your pictures can serve as inspiration for others. Love it. – Rene

  2. Jeni Johnson says:

    Are you kidding?70.00 was well worth it for that bar cabinet. I’m sure you can always put wheels on it, no problem! Looks fantastic! :)

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