{How To} Remove Window Bars

Window Bar Removal

If you have ever lived in a big city, chances are high you’ve had to deal with window bars.

Living Room Before

Living Room Before

However, it’s unlikely that you would have them inside your apartment — especially on the 4th floor. My best guess is a previous tenant had small children and didn’t want them to fall out the window. I don’t have children so I’ll take my chances.

These window bars have bothered me since we moved in but, for some reason, Friday at 11pm I couldn’t stand them anymore. I insisted they be removed at once! The Scientist, being the dear that he is, went upstairs to get the wrench.

Window Bar Removal

Window Bar Removal

Window Bar Removal

The removal took less than 10 minutes. What a nice surprise! Now we had time to watch one more episode of Downton Abbey before bed. BONUS.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. One quick trip to the hardware store and $10 later, we had the only tools we needed: Wood putty and sandpaper.

Window Bar Removal ToolsI got white wood putty because I’d be painting over it with white paint and wanted to minimize the required coats. Then I just put the putty in the holes and sanded it down when it was dry!

Window Bar Removal

Window Bar Removal

Window Bar RemovalOnce the puttying and sanding was all done, I used high-gloss white paint to cover up the boo-boos and blend the spots in with the rest of the trim. Tip: Always keep a small can of high-gloss white paint and a paintbrush on hand. Baseboards and trim are always getting scuffed up and it looks so much better when you touch those spots up with a little paint! MAGIC.

Window Bar Removal - AfterYou can’t even tell where the holes were! So easy and SO much better. Now I can focus on fun stuff, like curtains (because mini-blinds are the devil). The Scientist will be so excited to find out about his our next project!




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