Honeymoon on the brain.

St. Lucia

You may or may not have noticed that I disappeared. That is because I have been in the Black Hole of Honeymoon Planning.

As the name suggests, the Black Hole of Honeymoon Planning is a dark and treacherous place. There were points over the past week when I couldn’t remember my name or why I was researching that resort in Djibouti. Also, I literally got a burn on my thighs from my laptop. (Note to self: Change into pants before entering Black Holes.)

But now, dear friends, I can happily say The Scientist and I have chosen a country AND booked our suites! We’re going to…

ST. LUCIA!!!!! (cheering and applause)

St. Lucia

We’ll be there for the last 8 days in December and I couldn’t possibly be more excited about it.


  • December 22: Fly to Miami — Spend one night somewhere.
  • December 23: Fly to St. Lucia — Spend first 3 nights at the Villa Beach Cottages in a 1-bedroom suite that opens up onto a perfectly white beach. We chose this so we could experience the beaches, nightlife, and amazing restaurants on the northern part of the island.

Villa Beach Cottages

  • December 26: Check into the Ladera Resort and spend the next 5 nights in a 3-wall, open-air suite overlooking the ocean and mountains. And yes, it has a private plunge pool. Swoon! Spas, hot springs, volcano tours, and private, secluded, black-sand beaches are on the agenda.

  • December 31: Check out and cry all the way to the airport.

Now that we have the most important parts planned out, I think I can get back to blogging reality. But first I need a manicure. And burn cream. And a Pacemaker.

17 thoughts on “Honeymoon on the brain.

  1. designtrolls says:

    I am not even married. But I do think that my wedding planning will start with honeymoon planning. Seems like the big treat at the end of it all ;) Looks gorgeous – think you have ended up making the right choice.

  2. cynthiane! says:

    We just went and looked at all the photos on the websites, fantastic! I especially love the porch swing over the pool, so you can sit and swing and put your feet in the water… …
    SO HAPPY for you! : )

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