{Hosting} A Mexi-Chic Gurlz Night

mexican theme themed dinner party girls night calavera skull

Like I was saying on Monday, my dinner party started out like this:

outdoor mexican theme girls night dinner party patio terrace brick deck patio laterns flowers interior design secorAnd ended up like this:

monsoon heavy rain dinner partyJust for reference, I’ve planned an outdoor dinner party twice and it has rained exactly 100% of the time, despite the weatherman promising perfect weather. I feel very sorry for myself.

Anywho, I didn’t have time to cry because all my stuff was about to get ruined and I had only precious minutes to get everything inside. I managed to save everything but the lanterns. Sadly, they died.

paper lanterns wet soggy ruinedEven though I couldn’t use most of the big fancy things I got for the outdoor party in my tiny apartment, I still had my Gipsy Kings Pandora station and some delicious food. Food that I almost died making, but that’s neither here nor there. And one of my gurlfrenz brought over her calavera to contribute to the decor. Add that to Cat Robinson’s beautifully designed menu and we had a fancy dinner party once again. (She’s such a talented graphic designer and so great to work with!)

mexican theme themed dinner party girls night calavera skull

We started with a yummy bean salsa and mojitos — both of which were gone before I thought to photograph them. Whoopsies!

Our next course was a watermelon gazpacho that was pretty good, although we all agreed a serving half this size was more appropriate. And maybe I would use less onion and garlic. I also think I might give the whole thing a quick whirl in the food processor to smooth out the chunks. While beautiful, this recipe was a bit to salsa-esque for my taste.

mexican theme themed dinner party girls night watermelon gazpachoAfter the gazpacho came the tilapia tacos with corn and jicama salsa. Yum!

mexican theme themed dinner party girls night fish tacos tilapia

mexican theme themed dinner party girls night fish tacos tilapia limeAnd then my masterpiece: the flan that almost killed me (but DID kill a spatula, a saucepan, a cake pan, a food processor, multiple towels, and basically my entire kitchen). It was a huge pain to make BUT! It. Was. Dee. LICIOUS. I highly recommend this recipe — and having someone else make it for you so you don’t have to deal with it.

mexican theme themed dinner party girls night flanAll in all, I think it was a successful evening… But I’m definitely eating takeout for the next 57 days.

5 thoughts on “{Hosting} A Mexi-Chic Gurlz Night

  1. Sarah says:

    That flan looks delicious! Now you’ve made me miss California, and El Pollo Loco which has delicious (and cheap) flan. Looks like a great dinner party despite the rain!

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