An Amazing Bath Transformation

small tiny apartment bathroom before and after makeover sneak peek

Today I want to show you an amazing bathroom transformation. It’s so amazing that I wish it were mine! But, alas, it is not. My tiny bathroom will be coming up on the blog soon but, since I’m not quite finished with it yet, I thought I would share some genius I found in someone else’s bathroom. Feast your eyes on this incredible bathroom makeover!

small tiny apartment bathroom before and after makeover

small tiny apartment bathroom before and after makeoverIsn’t that an AMAZING transformation?! Just like I showed you on Friday, all it takes a little paint and some framed art to really change the look of a space. Adding that rope around the pipe was pretty genius, also. And did you notice the shower curtain? I think I might head over to West Elm to pick that up today… I’ve been eyeing it for quite some time now. (Don’t tell The Scientist.)

For our bathroom I was inspired by our minty little hutch and motivated to make it prettier as quickly as possible, so I chose a sea foam green paint for a change that would be equally quick and dramatic. Now we have a bit of freshness upstairs and downstairs! I’ll post lots of photos when I get more done (hopefully tomorrow) but for now I’ll just tease you with a sneak peek!

small tiny apartment bathroom before and after makeover sneak peek

14 thoughts on “An Amazing Bath Transformation

      1. Apartment Envy says:

        Well, if I can stop watching Man Men long enough to finish a few things up then I’ll reveal the “In Progress” photos tomorrow! But there are more things I want to do besides paint, so I’ll continue working on it and show you things as they get done. For example, I’d like to get a cool rug and a new light fixture, which won’t be done by tomorrow.

        By the way, I just found your blog and it’s amazing! Since I’m suddenly obsessed with Mad Men I want to have a Mad Men cocktail party — probably in December, for the holidays. Do you think you could help me come up with a drinks and food menu and for the party? I’m not very good at that stuff but what you make looks amazing!

      2. Apartment Envy says:

        OMG I just finished Season 3 on Netflix and I’m dying to see what happens next!

        I’m so excited you can help with my party food! I’ll do a big hosting thing on the blog as I gear up for it and, of course, feature you and your menu plans! Then during the party I’ll take lots of food and drink photos for you so you can use them, too :)

        Now I’m going to make your banana muffins!

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