{Before + After} A Tiny Kitchen Makeover

apartment kitchen condo before and after makeover chalkboard paint black walls tiny small update DIY red tile spanish tile

Hello, friends! I hope you had a wonderful week! I have been VERY busy and I have some things to show you. However, I must first apologize for lying. I know I promised you some fun new pages on the blog. Those have obviously not been made. I took my vacation a little too seriously and watched 17 episodes of Mad Men instead. The only thing I did after that was buy red lipstick and drink a few old timey-time cocktails. I hope you can forgive me.

Moving on to today’s post: My newly painted kitchen… And a very big problem.

Do you remember my kitchen before? I like to call it the Great White Mess.

apartment kitchen condo before and after makeover chalkboard paint black walls tiny small update DIY red tile spanish tile

I hope you took a good look at all my inspiration photos because I pulled the trigger on the black paint. Thanks to some donated chalkboard paint (Jess and Charlie are as generous as they are lovely), this dramatic new look cost a whopping ZERO DOLLARS.

Ahhh… Much better.
Ignore that giant hole in the wall for now.

Sooooooooo… What do you think??? I LOVE it. I think the black walls make the remaining white look infinitely less disgusting. And now we can write on the walls, which is something I always look for in a kitchen. Tricky Trick: I left the sliver of wall above the cabinets white to keep the eye moving up and give the illusion that the room is taller. And did you notice our lovely new oven? It’s fantastic and we now have lots more space for cooking!

But now we have a giant hole in the wall.


There were some technical difficulties with the microwave installation last week and, until the condo association gets things figured out, we will continue to have a giant hole in the wall. But at least we have a new oven, right? And the time machine is gone, which is nice. Although now we have a gigantic microwave box sitting in the middle of our “dining room” until things get sorted out. I guess you can’t always get what you want. At least I got what I needed for now and that, my friends, is a kitchen that doesn’t make me sick.

On the agenda is a solution to cover up my ugly ol’ fridge, my ugly ol’ trash compactor, and my ugly ol’ dishwasher. I will also be removing some cabinet doors soon so we have some open shelving, and then probably doing something about the mini blinds on the window. I’ll get around to all that eventually but, for now, I’m going to enjoy my not-white walls for a bit. Plus, The Scientist needs some rest after all that painting.

9 thoughts on “{Before + After} A Tiny Kitchen Makeover

  1. cynthiane! says:

    The kitchen is so cute now! The chalkboard paint was a great idea. Also love the cupcake on the counter, it looks like the ones I have that were a gift from my sister about 20 years ago. We match a little, and that makes me feel a tad more awesome. : )

  2. Sarah says:

    How on earth did you convince your landlord to allow you to pain the kitchen? It looks gorgeous! Perfect way to balance out all of that white on white on white.

    1. Apartment Envy says:

      Thank you! My favorite trick is to ask if I can paint but, if they say no, just paint it anyway and then paint it back when I move out. Tricky trick! But luckily our landlord doesn’t care much about what we do :)

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