{Inspiration Friday} Kitchens

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A little kitchen inspiration and a prelude to a makeover…

If you can remember how underwhelmed I am with my new kitchen then you can probably understand today’s inspiration.  I haven’t really shared many photos of the kitchen with you (for good reason), but now that I’m getting ready to fix my little problem I suppose I must.

View from the front door. So sad!
Oh, the agony of mismatched cabinetry!
Somebody make it stop.
Is that a time machine?

As you can plainly see, the combination of glossy white walls + mix n’ match white cabinets + stained almost-white counters + used-to-be-white old appliances does not a good kitchen make. And seriously, what IS that monstrosity?!?! I honestly have no idea where to even begin to turn it on. And that’s not a microwave, people. It’s an old timey-time double oven. The first model of convection, sitting in the middle of my tiny kitchen, basking in the pride of his own inglorious existence.

First things first: That hunk of junk has got to go. The good news is our landlord agreed to split the cost of a new oven and over-range microwave (YAY POPCORN) with us! So we bought them and they’re being installed next week. Hooray! Tip of the day: Don’t like something in your apartment? Ask your landlord to replace it! The worst that could happen is they say no, so don’t be afraid to ask! (Ok, so I suppose the worst that could happen is they evict you — but that’s highly unlikely.)

Now comes the fun part — finding some inspiration! I’ve gathered these photos together to show you where I’m headed…

A lovely punch of color
I love open shelving in a kitchen!
That chandelier is magic!
Rustic meets sexy
Totes adorbs.
Completely unrealistic but still awesome.

So, class… Anyone noticing a pattern here? That’s right! I am The Scientist is going to paint my kitchen walls BLACK. The kitchen has a big south-facing window so the space is flooded with natural light at all hours of the day. With all the white that’s in there already, the space could really use something to ground it. I think the black will look very sharp against the white trim and terracotta tiles. What do you think?

I’ll of course be using chalkboard paint to make it extra awesome. The Scientist and I will surely enjoy writing love notes for each other by the stove.

Still not convinced? Check out this rad Before + After of a kitchen with similar problems over on Design Sponge.

Ok, but no pizzazz.


YOWZA! Now that’s a neato kitchen!

Are you convinced yet?

I’m going to take the next week off to give my baby brothers my undivided attention (they did come all the way from the West Coast, after all) but, when I return, I will have a big kitchen reveal for you! Have a great week and see you all very soon!!!

4 thoughts on “{Inspiration Friday} Kitchens

    1. Kerra Michele says:

      I think I’m going to let my actual kitchen things add my color! I have a turquoise ceramic container for my cooking utensils, lots of cookbooks (which I plan to leave out on the counter), and some glass bottles with cooking oils. Add a bowl of fruit and a small bouquet of flowers and PRESTO! All done! :D

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