A little bit of genius.

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I’m a big fan of clever people and their clever ideas. Lots of times seeing neato things make me think of variations of neato things that I can do myself, either to improve upon that idea or just tailor it to my personal needs. However, sometimes I come across something SO genius that there’s absolutely nothing — and I mean NOTHING — that I can think of to make it more awesome.

This is one of those things.

Have you seen these before? They’re the floor poufs from West Elm and they range from $249-$299 depending on how awesome of one you want.

They’re all amazing.

Now, I love me some West Elm as much as the next person but these poufs are a bit outside my budget. Every time I get my West Elm catalog I always stop on the pouf page and admire them longingly, in kind of the same way I look at Twitch on So You Think You Can Dance. Totes adorbs.

Wait — WHAT??? Did you seriously just ask, “Who’s Twitch?” Here, let me help you…

If you want some more (and you probably do) then you should also watch this and this and this and this.

OK, we’re off topic. Back to poufs! Erika over at Retropolitan has some pretty amazing ideas but, when I saw this, I had to say GENIUS out loud.

That’s a homemade pouf, people.

How did she make it, you ask? Using $3 rugs from IKEA! If that is not a totally amazing idea then I don’t know what is. It’s SO cool that I may have to make some myself when The Scientist isn’t looking… Oh, wait. I can’t even thread a needle. Gramma, can you make this for me?

You can make one, too! Check out the full tutorial.

5 thoughts on “A little bit of genius.

  1. Joanna Kelley says:

    I want some of those too!!! They would be the perfect seat for the kiddo! Maybe Gramma can make us both some poufs. :)

      1. Christina says:

        I cannot take credit for this genius idea. Nate Berkus is always saying to do that if you don’t have a sewing machine, which I don’t. I’m dreaming up cool curtains to have them swe because it will just be one seam at the top and one at the bottom (I think)

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