{Before + After} An IKEA Transformation

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Today’s post should demonstrate two things:

  1. How to make something fabulous and custom for almost nothing
  2. My amateur blogging and iPhone photography skillz (or lack thereof)

I needed a nightstand that also provided a bit of storage for my seemingly ever-growing clothing collection. The problem was I didn’t want to spend more than $50 on it. Moving is expensive and we’ve had to buy a lot of furniture lately — not to mention we’ve literally moved 5 times in the past 2 years — so I’m really trying to keep decorating expenses to a minimum whenever possible. This is only to spare my marriage any additional stress and not because I don’t understand that design is the most important thing in the whole world. Because it is.

Whenever I need something for nothing I go to one of two places: IKEA or Craigslist. This time I ended up with the RAST 3-drawer chest for… Wait for it… ONLY $35!!!!!!!! That’s seriously so awesome. Don’t you agree?

Nice shape, right?

Since it’s unfinished wood and a basic shape, it will be really easy to customize this piece with some paint and new knobs.

We can totally work with this.

I’ve told you before that paint is my best friend. After a few coats of cream paint on the body, some marigold paint on the drawer fronts, and some new knobs, it’s very easy to see why I love paint so very very much! (Please excuse my terrible, blurry cell phone photos. I promise I’ll get better!)

Super cutie
Extra cutie

It’s so easy you can do it in one day! Just remember:

  • Use high-gloss paint. Anything else and it will look drab.
  • Use a paintbrush. When painting with high-gloss paint, a roller will make the paint uneven and give the furniture a popcorn ceiling look.  Not cute. Using a paintbrush will show brush strokes in the first couple of coats but, once you’re down to the last coat, they won’t show anymore. Depending on the color you choose, it should take 3-5 coats to paint this raw wood piece.

What do you think? Easy, right? You should totally try it!

The perfect place for all my nighttime accoutrements!

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