{Tricky Trick} Wine + Boots

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Today I am very busy trying to put my apartment together. One thing I’m working on is my beautimous (new word) new dressing room. I hope to have some after photos for you soon, but here’s the current situation:

Not cute.

While I deal with this Life-Or-Death organizational issue I thought I’d share a tricky trick for tidying up your own closets. I have lots of tall boots and I love them very much. What I don’t love, however, is how they go like this:

Who wants to look at that?

Yes, I know you can buy those boot inserts that shoe stores use to keep them standing up, but I’m not a very big fan of paying for things I can have for free. So I tried to think of something I always have that would fit in a boot: WINE BOTTLES. They come in many shapes and sizes so you can easily find one to fit any boot. Drink the wine, wash the bottle, let it dry, put it in your boot and MAGIC!

Ah, yes… Much better.

Wasn’t that easy? Now you can line your boots up all pretty like and not hate your closet. Try it! I think you’ll love it.

9 thoughts on “{Tricky Trick} Wine + Boots

  1. Kate says:

    awesome. combines two of the best things in life – booze and boots! but now, where do you put them? they take up so much floor space! unfortunately my closet could not even pretend to be a dressing room.

    1. Kerra Michele says:

      I keep all my boots lined up along the walls, underneath my hanging clothes. If that’s not an option then it’s totally acceptable to line them up out in the open, especially if they’re standing tall with the help of your empty wine bottles. If you don’t have ANY floor space then just look up! Get some inexpensive wall shelves and hang them 24″ from the ceiling in your bedroom. Put your boots on display! Line the whole perimeter of your bedroom and use them for boots, shoes, and purses. Fashion should be on display!

      Hope this helps. Thanks for commenting!

  2. cynthiane! says:

    I wish I had a google of dollars so I could pay you to come hang up pictures in my own (sad) stairway. While you were here you could organize my closet.
    Good idea about the boots! : )

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