I bought a rug!

Today I’m veryveryvery busy doing my favorite thing:  SHOPPING!

I’m extra excited because I just found a rug I love! Well, I think I love it. I thought I loved a rug last week and another the week before that but decided I didn’t love them once they arrived. Did you know that return shipping on an area rug is very expensive?

Anywho, I bought this rug on one of my favorite websites.  Overstock.com is an amazing resource for budget shoppers (and busy people) because they have VERY low prices and shipping is either free or close to it. You have to wade through a lot of stuff to find the gems but, let’s be honest, you’re just sitting at work reading blogs anyway so you probably have time. The best part is The Scientist doesn’t get as nervous when he spies me trolling the furniture section because he knows I can’t do as much damage to our checking account as I can on other websites. His favorite thing to say is, “Twenty percent off infinity is still infinity.” Thanks, honey. That’s helpful.

What do you think of my Ikat wool and silk rug?

I really think I love it. It will add a nice pattern to the floor but the colors aren’t bananas. I LOVE the organic, artistic quality of Ikat. And that wool/silk blend will be so dreamy on my toesies (new word).

Once it actually arrives I’ll tell you if I still love it. Hopefully I do so The Scientist doesn’t get angry at me for returning a third area rug…

9 thoughts on “I bought a rug!

    1. Kerra Michele says:

      I totally understand! Have you found one yet that you both like? What type you looking for? What are your styles? It might be best to go with a solid, neutral color and just find a textural rug so there’s some depth and interest. I’m kind of obsessed with this one:


      I love the white — which the reviews say is ivory. If I get mine and hate it then this will be the next one I buy :)

      1. Beth B. says:

        We’re looking for an area rug for our living room. We’ve bought one that is mostly a solid plum color — still waiting on delivery, so we’ll see what we think when it gets here! But I do like the New Zealand rug in your link! I think the gray would work better in our space. We tried a solid ivory and it was just way too bright. Our issues are:
        He likes bright colors, solid color blocks, rainbow stripes, geometrical shapes.
        I say those make me feel like I’m in a college dorm.
        I like patterns similar to the Ikat rug you posted above.
        He says those patterns look “old lady”.
        Many of the solid neutral, textured rugs we’ve found are a horrible feel on your feet. But the braided one you found on Overstock looks pretty soft!
        Maybe this will be our new rug if the plum doesn’t work out!!

      2. Kerra Michele says:

        I hope the plum works out! If not, try that charcoal rug for sure. I looks amazing! Maybe bring in your respective pattern choices with fabrics (if you haven’t already). A striped chair and some ikat throw pillows on the sofa? As long as they’re all in coordinating or similar colors you can mix as many patterns as you want! Good luck!

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