{Inspiration Friday} Bookcases

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Yesterday I shared an idea for customizing a mainstream bookcase and making it extra cool.  I hope you all thought it was such a great idea that you just HAD to pimp out a bookcase this weekend!  Just in case you didn’t, I’ve gathered up some photos of similar applications to get your creative juices flowing.

Here are a few examples — built-in or free standing, it makes no difference — that used patterned paper or fabric to add a little depth, interest, and color to what would otherwise be a boring ol’ bookcase.

I do believe these are ALSO the Ikea Billy bookcase, just like mine! Easy peasy!
Extra Credit: Hanging framed artwork on the outside edges!
How boring would this little office space be without the paper in the back?
Cutest. Built-ins. Ever.  Just saying.
This neutral yet patterned paper is the perfect backdrop for this collection of cameras.  Another IKEA Billy bookcase?
Extra Credit: Painting the bookcase to match!
Adding paper to the back of a store-bought bookcase. Another easy peasy application!

Don’t think paper is an option for you?  Well, I think paint is pretty magical.  In fact, paint is my very best friend (don’t tell The Scientist or my Fur-Babies) because it’s the fastest, simplest way to transform just about anything.  Here are a few amazing examples of bookcases revamped with a little paint.

This pop of mossy green almost becomes a neutral by unifying the entire space.
Extra Credit: Painting the inside edges and shelves!
Those cuties over at YoungHouseLove.com knew how to do this right!

Are you feeling inspired yet?  I hope so!  Now go get some paper or paint and spend a little time this weekend fancifying (new word) your shelving.  You can do it!  And when people come to your house they will think that you’re a genius.  They will probably even pat you on the back.  (If they do NOT think you’re a genius or pat you on the back then you should probably reassess your decision to be friends with them.)

Most importantly, your apartment will certainly be the envy of their apartments.

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