Blank Canvas

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The Scientist and I recently moved into a new apartment and boyohboy is it perdy!  Well, it *was* perdy, until we moved all our stuff in and made a big mess (more on the mess tomorrow).  But don’t worry!  I took some photos while it was empty so you could get a good idea of the space.

Little but lovely!
The bars will be the first thing to go…
Lots of great light from all the east-facing windows!
The front door and coat closet
Now up to the bedroom and bathroom!
Again, kind of sad.
The skylight provides lots of natural light in the hallway!
Bedroom Closet #1
Bedroom Closets # 2 and #3
Bedroom Closets #4 and #5
JACKPOT! A dressing room for me!

As you can see, the kitchen and bathroom leave a lot to be desired.  I mean, honestly, high gloss white walls next to old white cabinets and even older almost-white counter tops?  Who does that?

Those rooms might be on the top of my Fix List, but did you see the closets in the bedroom?! There are five and a WALK-IN.  Lord, have mercy!  That was the biggest reason we chose this apartment.  We totally struck gold in the storage department.  Add that to the hardwoods, marble fireplace (which totally works), many windows and a skylight?  Divine.  We can definitely work with this.

I can’t wait to share some inspirational images and ideas for the layout!  What would you do with this space?

14 thoughts on “Blank Canvas

  1. Melinda says:

    LOVE the hardwoods and the molding details. I actually despise the marble on the fireplace. I think it should have warmer stones…like slate instead.

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